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The 2009 Project

The Thousands Cranes Project is one that requires more fan participation than anything else. In celebration of their 6th anniversary (breaking the so-called 5 year SM curse), the goal is to send 6,000 individually folded cranes to the members of TVXQ.

6,000 cranes for 6 years; for 5 members, and for 1 team.

Or so that was the original goal, but as of April 23, 2009, TVXQWish has officially raised their goal from 6,000 to 11,000 as we hoped to do as a result of the great response from fans.

1,000 cranes for each member and 6,000 cranes for the group and for 6 years. As we easily saw, 6,000 cranes is nothing in the face of the strong support of TVXQ's fans. So let's aim for 11,000 cranes succesfully!

QianYun has personally folded 1,000 cranes as a Christmas gift to a family close to her. As encouragement, here is a picture of the finished project:

While she does have experience in folding cranes, it still only took her a couple of months. And now we can see that if enough people gather together to work hard on this, 6,000 and even 11,000 are numbers that can be easily achieved. But before we go into more talk about numbers, let’s talk more about the project.

The new goal of 11,000 cranes means that anyone who decides to participate can send in a decent amount. Anywhere from 1 to hundreds, with only a minimum number declared from each person. But considering the high popularity of the project in the beginning, we are setting a 600 crane limit per person. If we find that new sign-ups fall, we'll remove the maximum.

As we are folding these cranes with our hopes and wishes for TVXQ, part of this project is to write those hopes and wishes as well as other simple messages on the cranes. Of course, once the cranes are folded, the messages cannot be read anymore. So this part of the project includes printing out the messages and binding them into a book so that the members of TVXQ can read them.

The size of the book will depend on the number of people involved and since this is an international project, every message is required to be English. But, because this is an international project, translations of these messages into your native or learned language is accepted and even encouraged. It is your choice which language you will write on the crane itself.

Once all the cranes have been sent in, they will be packaged accordingly to each member by color either in vases similar to the one shown up there, or in a container of a simple, original design of plexiglass/plastic and wood.

As of now, the cranes, its containers and the printed book will all be sent to the SM Entertainment office sometime in the beginning of December. Presents have been delivered this way before and while it is not the best way, unless someone can offer an alternative because they'll be in Korea around that time or will be attending the Seoul encore, this is the only way we can get it to the boys properly. But if this applies to you, or if you know someone who will be in Korea and are willing to help please contact us! Everyone in the project will be eternally grateful.

Are you interested in participating/helping? Great, let’s move on to work out all The Details! Or go straight to sign up if you're impatient.


Hello to everyone who has reached this site! More likely than not, you've come with the intention of finding out about our Thousands Cranes Project for TVXQ's 6th anniversary. If you've stumbled your way here accidentally as a TVXQ fan, feel free to look around to find out more about the project, and maybe, join and participate!

Interested in seeing how the project's doing? Visit the Progress Post.

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