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The Nitty-Gritty Details

Here we are with all the details of the project.

The goal of this project is to collect 11,000 cranes from fans and send it to TVXQ along with a book in which our hopes, wishes, dreams for them and inspirational messages (and other miscellaneous messages) to them will be printed.

Of course, no project can run without using a little money. But this one requires a lot less than most other projects. Specifically, only for shipping and the containers the cranes will be placed in. That's it. It does mean that while fan participation in folding the cranes is extremely important, donations to the project is as well. So while you think about making cranes to help with the project, think about perhaps helping out with donations as well. And all donations will go to shipping first, containers second and book last. Shipping estimates will be up as soon as possible.

While it would be fine to have all 11,000 cranes just thrown together, it would be more special if each member gets their own container of one shade of color of 1,000 cranes and the group's 6,000 cranes gets the entire range of colors. In order to do this, there are certain restrictions.

From a poll held at the beginning of this project, the colors of each member are as follows:

Yunho: Green (includes blue and yellow)
Jaejoong: Red (includes some black)
Yoochun: Blue
Junsu: Purple (includes blue and red)
Changmin: Light colors: white, yellow, orange, beige

You can visit this link to see all the pictures related to the cranes: possible colors and sizes, as well as an example of what each member's collection will look like.

If you are interested in folding cranes for this project, you can go sign up and learn all the details about the cranes, including how to fold them. For those interested in donating, you can also go sign up.

Crane folders will be required to state the minimum that you expect to send in. As long as you achieve that minimum, you can make up to 600 cranes. If possible, also include whether you think you'll be writing messages on the cranes. Remember that messages must be in English but can be translated into your language (native or learned) to be placed in the book as well. Realize that once you sign up, you're committed. While there's nothing we can do to make sure you follow through, please remember that this project is to show TVXQ how much we support them and every fan counts.

When you sign-up through email, you will be sent an email of confirmation and the address to send the cranes to when you're done. For those of you who live in the European and South Asian area (including Australia and New Zealand), you'll be given the choice to send it to the main address or the alternate one closer to your area.

The Due Date for this project is October 1st. OCTOBER 1, 2009. Please send your completed cranes before this date and try to plan for it to arrive around or before October 1st. If you have the choice and you choose to send it to an alternative address, the due date is then September 15 since the organizer in your area will be the ones who have to send it to the main address by October 1. The project will be mailed in the beginning of December and the two months will be needed to organize everything properly. If you don't trust your country's post office, plan to send it even earlier. And of course, if you finish early, please do feel free to send it out early.

And now you've reached the end of all the details related to this project. Interested and excited to help? Continue on to sign up to either fold cranes or be a donator or both! Still have questions? Visit the F.A.Q or leave them in the tagbox. Spread the word around so that we can get as many international fans included as possible. This is something that cannot succeed without the cooperation of all of TVXQ's fans, so let's get together and work hard to make sure this works out!

And just for fun, go here to tell us how you found out about this project!



Hello to everyone who has reached this site! More likely than not, you've come with the intention of finding out about our Thousands Cranes Project for TVXQ's 6th anniversary. If you've stumbled your way here accidentally as a TVXQ fan, feel free to look around to find out more about the project, and maybe, join and participate!

Interested in seeing how the project's doing? Visit the Progress Post.

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